23 May, 2007

The Wrap

Today was the last day of the National Stationery Show, and I for one am very happy to be done with it for another year. We made some really great contacts, and some new friends!

One of our favorite new finds was Night Owl Paper Goods from Alabama. Not only were Alan and Jennifer SUPER nice, but they also make really cute cards. Here are a couple:
We also loved Motormouth Press, fellow-Californians, who had their booth decorated in stunning hot pink and white vinyl made to look like a kitchen. I should have taken a picture!

Another really sweet couple who make handmade things was La Familia Green, whose Luchador and Tim Gunn cards are awesome, and who might even be crazier than I am because they cut all their cards by hand.

And I was lucky enough to meet the girls from Albertine Press while waiting for the ladie's room. I love the colors and patterns they are using.

I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful silkscreens from Spruce Avenue

It was also really fun to see the people from Hammerpress, Pancake and Franks, Peculiar Pair, Old School Stationers, Hello Lucky, Egg Press (below), Trace, Manifesto Letterpress, Binth (below), and my friends at Relish and Twig and Fig.

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