29 May, 2007

Woodgrain Cards

Last year I thought about doing a series of cards called "Looking Up, Looking Down", which would have included a lightbulb, airplane trails in the sky, tree branches, hardwood floor boards, marbles, moss, and some other things I can't remember. In the end I got caught up in botanicals and cherry pie, but in a way I'm glad I didn't do the floor boards. As much as I love it, there are so many woodgrain-inspired cards everywhere these days, I figure the market is okay without another one! Here are a few nice designs that other people have done:

This set is from Jessica Jane.

This one is from Blue Snail Papers.

This one is from Night Owl Paper Goods- I can't resist posting it again!

These ones are from Egg Press.

This one is from La Familia Green.

This one is from Pancake & Franks.

This is a notebook, not a card, but it fits. It's from Small Stump.

This one is from Twelve Fifteen.

These are from Rock Scissor Paper.

And... this one is from my friends at Dog and Pony Show.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could do something creative with woodgrain and how it looks like fingerprints. Although that also makes me think of a Far Side cartoon (not a real one, one that could have been) that involves CSI on the trail of one of those walking trees from Lord of the Rings. Man is it early. -M.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for including our "thanks" card! i just came here from your etsy shop because i just discovered it when your lanterns card was on the front page. you have some really beautiful cards. oh, and i know what you mean about the market being saturated with woodgrain--i love it, but i don't think i'll be doing another woodgrain design for a while.