26 June, 2012

Vintage Dad

Last week on Father's Day a few of my friends posted old photos of their dads on Instagram and Facebook, and (with their permission), I wanted to share some, since they are so great as a collection. *That's mine up top.

16 June, 2012

You Are So Loved

Here's a sneak peek at my artwork in the upcoming Chronicle Books release, You Are So Loved. You might recognize my "Me + You" print from the Sunshine show that the Curiosity Shoppe organized last year. The book will be out on August 29, or you can pre-order your copy here!

*facing artwork is by andrei d. robu

15 June, 2012


I went up to Portland for a few days to see my friend Jane, who is working on an incredible mural at Bamboo Sushi (which opens on the 25th!). It was great to go someplace with absolutely nothing planned in advance, and I managed to see almost everyone I know in town, eat some fantastic food (thanks to my spirit guide DP), do some shopping and even relax a little.

strawberry cocktail at grĂ¼ner


part of jane's mural


more luce

voodoo doughnuts

luce again

chinese flatbread from the prickly ash truck

and more luce... so good.

amazing display at anthropologie

14 June, 2012

Weekends, Etc.!

I was just in Portland helping my good friend Jane with a job, and I realized that there are a million things I haven't blogged about yet! A couple of weeks ago, Jane and our friend Anjel curated an amazing show called Roses Are Red at Rise Above Gallery in Oakland, and I helped design the t-shirts to promote it. Specifically, I drew the nettles, and Anjel did the lettering.

I went to see Richard Misrach and Roz Chast at City Arts & Lectures (separately)- in particular, Misrach's work is so consistently amazing, and it was great to hear him speak about it. I went strawberry picking on the coast and had lobster rolls twice in one week. I went to the Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club and went bar hopping for the first time in ages, and had an incredible dinner at Central Kitchen. I went for a walk around the Lafayette Reservoir and had a suburban day with my friend Via. I saw a boat trailer race/demolition derby at the Contra Costa County Fair. And then I flew to Portland- that will be a separate post.

my friend hannah is opening a doughnut shop!

beautiful paper cut by anjel

detail of jane's hand-painted rose wallpaper

our friend christine made the plant installations in the window

snowballs and sweet peas at katie's snowball truck

fair fare

amazing signage in the fruitvale district

marina at the monster drawing ralley

lobster roll #1, at sam's in half moon bay

3oz strawberry!

04 June, 2012


For some reason every year it is weirdly difficult to write about the Stationery Show. I always take pictures at the show with the intention of posting them, but they are just snapshots of things that I like, and I feel like a lot of other bloggers do a much better job at capturing the gems of the show than I do. I often feel self-conscious asking exhibitors if I can take photos, even though I myself never have a problem with it when someone asks me. I also feel like there's a bit of pressure- do I only feature my friends, and if so, what if I miss someone? This year, one of my favorite new booths was Pawling, but I didn't get any pictures of them. It was an interesting show for me this year, since I wasn't exhibiting and neither were a number of my friends. I loved seeing how much color there was, and how many people are doing letterpress involving large fields of ink like I do.

In any case, without any further commentary, here's what I snapped this year.

left field cards


beau ideal editions

gold teeth brooklyn

swag bags at azuline

linda & harriet

printerette press

anemone letterpress

the social type

one canoe two

wild horse press


belle & union

the great lakes