03 May, 2007

Hot Pink Houses

This week I'm going to be posting pictures of some houses around the East Bay. I've always been fascinated by houses that are painted in garish colors. Although the majority of these are found in poor neighborhoods (where perhaps an interesting study could be made of the aesthetic tastes of different social classes), there are also a surprising amount of homes painted in shockingly bright tones in middle-upper class neighborhoods as well. If I were a gutsier person, I would knock on these homeowner's doors and ask them why they chose their particular paint colors. Unfortunately, I'm not, so the mystery remains. In any case, I think there is a certain sense of pride that goes along with painting your home such a brilliant hue. You will notice that in almost every case, the yards are well-maintained, and the accompanying vehicles are well-looked-after.

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MylesNye said...

I will knock on the doors and ask for you! I have no shame.