17 September, 2010

Calendar Girl!

The amazing Dana Velden has posted a fantastic feature on Pie Bird Press' 2011 Seasonal Produce Calendar on Apartment Therapy's The Kichn this morning- check it out! The calendar can be purchased in a number of stores nationwide (please contact me at piebird@wetfootpublications.com for more info), or online in our Felt & Wire shop, here.

I also want to thank My Daily Inspiration Board for reposting about it. Yay!

07 September, 2010

Matthias Heiderich

Samantha posted about Matthias Heiderichs' photography on The Experts Agree recently and I wanted to share more of his work. His composition is amazing- I would happily put any of these on my wall.

Pretty Things

wild ammo via cantab

bird and banner

a collection a day

misako mimoko via ungtblod via misako mimoko

maggie austin cakes via ritzy bee

raven & lamb via black eiffel

dalton ghetti via junk culture

coralie bickford smith via all the mountains

whisk kid via ruby press

movie title stills collection

be golden via oh joy

eric therner via design sponge

green laundry via aesthetic outburst

horace pippin via hollister hovey

things organized neatly via junk culture

scott albrecht via grain edit

mociun via pink shirts and carwrecks

sabine finkenauer via slow progress

Meanwhile at Urban Outfitters

I was surprised to see that there are some really cute things going on at Urban Outfitters these days! In addition to these items, they have a pretty awesome selection of mid-century-inspired furniture that is definitely worth checking out.

06 September, 2010


Look- Pie Bird Press' "Pennants" card was featured in the styling of this photo from the newest Anthropologie catalog! How exciting!