23 May, 2008

Handmade Hellos

One really fun aspect of the Stationery Show this year was the promotion Hello Lucky! and Chronicle Books set up for the upcoming book I'm a part of. "Handmade Hellos" is due out in the fall, and it will be full of fabulous card ideas from some of my favorite designers (and me!). For the show, Sabrina set up a "passport" type of contest, where visitors picked up a postcard and then got it stamped at each of our booths in order to win a prize. We got a lot of new people stopping by the booth, and I think the buzz it generated for the book was great!

Another Year

I'm back from New York and I have a million things to do! If you want to see some of the other great companies that were at the show this year, check out Grace's coverage on design*sponge. Here are some pictures of my booth.

13 May, 2008


Doesn't he look silly?? Oh, soon enough it will be back to the usual muppet look...

12 May, 2008

Shearing Time

Well, it's that time again: puppy haircut time! Tomorrow Seymour will be shorn, so I thought I'd post some "before" pics for you. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the difference!

10 May, 2008


This is what I've been working on: hundreds of tiny notebooks to give away at the Stationery Show...

09 May, 2008

New Around the House

I found this little tin (it has currants and elderberries on it in addition to acorns) at Alameda Point last weekend, and the ring holder on Ebay.

This trash can was an Ebay find for my office,

And I picked up the smaller of the two picnic tins at the Point as well.

05 May, 2008


Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Maker Faire this weekend! It was really great seeing some of you in person. The Faire itself was pretty overwhelming, but here are a couple shots of our booth at Bazaar Bizarre.

Posts are going to be scarce for a little while now, as it's once again time for the National Stationery Show, so bear with me!

02 May, 2008

Make This

Come visit Pie Bird Press (and me!) this weekend at Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker Faire in San Mateo! Check out the Maker Fair website for more details...