21 May, 2007

This is for Paula

My favorite pen for many years has been the Pilot Hi-Tec C, which has an incredibly fine point and comes in great colors. I've been buying them in Japantown at Kinokuniya Stationery, but otherwise the only place I've ever found them was in London. Tonight we had dinner at Cafeteria (yum!) with Laurel's friend Paula, and I discovered that she has been taking notes in her medical textbooks in tiny print. When she saw my pen, she got very excited, so I gave her one (in exchange for future prescriptions- her offer, not my request). Now I've done some research, and these pens can be found here, and I'm sure many other places if you look hard.


MylesNye said...

Hannah what's your opinion about the Pilot V2? I like the refillable cartridge (although I usually lose these pens before the ink runs out) but they are generally reliable. They're my favorite! -M.

deerseason87 said...

hi myles- i'm pretty sure the v2 uses regular ink, as opposed to gel ink, so it bleeds on fiberous paper... the hi-tec C is a gel pen so it writes a very fine line on any paper and won't smudge or bleed.

Anonymous said...

You rock!!! I did do some online checking the next day while using the wi-fi at the lib. I will certainly treat myself to some soon, when I need some more motivation to study. And Myles, it is a lot easier to not lose a pen when it is your baby. Or at least I tell myself that to make myself feel better.