31 December, 2009


dress: leifsdottir, necklace: anthology, cardigan: j.crew, tights: we love colors, shoes: j.crew

29 December, 2009

Dress Up

Growing up, I always identified more with the quirky sidekicks in movies than the romantic leads (think Frenchie in Grease, as opposed to Sandy, and Iona in Pretty in Pink, as opposed to Andie), and the minute I saw Reality Bites for the first time in 7th grade, I fell in love with the sharp-witted and amazingly stylish Vickie Miner (played by Jeanine Garafalo). It wasn't until recently though, that I realized how much my personal style has been influenced by her over the years.

I would say that these days I fall somewhere between Vickie (above, left) and Emma Pillsbury (above right, played by Jayma Mays on the tv show "Glee"). Both, like me, love vintage clothing and accessories, and are not afraid of color. Since I've recently lost some weight, it's been really fun to revisit old favorites in my closet and to supplement my wardrobe with new additions. In this spirit, I have decided to start blogging my outfits- not every day, but on the days when I've thrown together an ensemble that makes me particularly happy. Today's outfit is an easy one since everything in it is new, and I could pull the images from online. Click to enlarge; sources are below.

I really love this dress- it's from Leifsdottir, Anthropologie's house brand. The tights are from We Love Colors, in magenta. The turquoise necklace is by Anthology for Nordstrom, and the sweater is also from Anthropologie. The shoes are by Camper- I bought them in London but I know they have them in US stores too. My glasses are vintage and I bought them from Allyn Scura at a vintage show a few years back.

28 December, 2009

Sidewalk Secrets

I have a new hobby. I have been collecting the markings stamped into the cement of the sidewalks in my neighborhood by the various contractors who built them. Also, any markings that other people have made by hand in the wet concrete, particularly those with dates. Thus, I have found that Schnoor and Sons (later Schnoor Bros.) paved pretty much all of Albany in the late 1920's, while the Jepsen Bros. were in charge of Westbrae (the area between Cedar and Gilman) in the early 1920's. I have yet to determine whether they were competitors, as my earliest Schnoor stamp is 1922, and my latest Jepsen one is 1921. These two companies, as well as Anthony Ancalerio (1950's), C. Rapella (1960's) are the ones I see most frequently represented on my walks, but today I discovered (!!) that O. Schubert and Hall & Coggins were in HEAVY competition in Westbrae in 1913 and 1914. Sometimes their stamps are within only a few feet of each other. Or maybe they worked together? My favorite stamps are the WPA ones from the 1930's. Right now I have photos of dates in cement (including those handwritten*) for many of the last 100 years (1909 is my earliest one, 2008 is the latest) and my goal is to create a chronology of the neighborhood through these markings. Here are a few examples. I will post a the full collection when it is complete.

*Of the handwritten markings, it is interesting to note how few people seem to date their signatures and handprints. What I am finding is that adults tend to write dates, while children do not, and of course children make up the majority of cement artists.


Addendum! I have just found this wonderful website devoted to sidewalk stamps in Oakland, which also led me to these two articles: from the Berkeley Daily Planet and here.

26 December, 2009

All the Trimmings

I have a weakness for vintage millinery flowers and trims. Whenever I see them being sold I pick up a bunch and then wander around with them before reluctantly putting them back where they came from and reminding myself "they will just end up sitting in a box somewhere." Sigh. Here are some I would buy if I thought I would actually use them for something...


3 boy grandma

jackie spicer

esse vintage

mary, not martha

chocolate letters

paper tales

hope and joy home


tinsel trading co.

dolls and lace


vintage millinery shoppe

24 December, 2009

Winter Adventures

I've been busy these last three months! Since I posted about my autumn adventures, I have

Been on a Storybook home tour.

Rubbed elbows with Clive Owen at the Mill Valley Film Festival opening party.

Traveled to London and Paris.

Seen a bunch of movies: An Education, Gentlemen Broncos, Invention of Lying, Where the Wild Things Are, Men Who Stare at Goats, Fantastic Mr. Fox (twice), Up in the Air, Coco Before Chanel.

Lost 20 pounds.

Acquired a new tattoo.

Been to a bunch of shows: Sunset Rubdown, Devo twice (performing "Are We Not Men?" and "Freedom of Choice"), Pixies (performing "Doolittle"), Mission of Burma, the Dead Hensons farewell show with Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance, Drunkhorse with Red Meat and East Bay Grease (Horse Meat Grease)...

Spent Halloween in LA with my friends and got to see "Beau Fib," my friend Myles' new musical.

Celebrated National Sandwich Day.

Threw a couple dinner parties.

Attended a Wild Dinner hosted by ForageSF.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.

Attended two wonderful brunch parties at Jenn's and Jessica's.

Went to the biannual Art Deco Society vintage fair.

Visited a few art openings.

Saw my friends Ajax and Roscoe DJ at the Attic.

Exhibited at the RISD alumni holiday sale and Renegade Craft Fair.

Went out for our annual crab eating excursion with Jenn, Ajax and Kara.

Celebrated Chanuka at my family's annual latke party.

Attended Stephan Jenkins' "Truemeaning" benefit party (and the after party).

Saw a screening of historical film clips,"Landscapes of the East Bay."

Went to see the Golden Girls Drag Christmas show.

Bought homemade birch beer at an "Underground Farmer's Market."

Saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the Paramount Theatre.

Celebrated my birthday with amazing friends.

And before the year is out, I intend to go see Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, play Camera Assasins on the UC Berkeley campus, and spend lots more quality time with the people I love.

18 December, 2009


My friend and fellow RISD alum Kelsey Robinson made these amazing gingerbread houses. I love all the different styles! She rolled all the gingerbread by hand and made all the royal icing from scratch.

17 December, 2009

Renegade This Weekend!

The Renegade Holiday Craft Fair is finally upon us, this weekend at Fort Mason! In my opinion this is the biggest and best of the local craft shows, so if you are looking for any last minute holiday gifts, or just something special for yourself, you should definitely come out and support Pie Bird Press, Honeylux, and the many other amazing craftspeople who will be exhibiting.