25 April, 2009


I ordered some stamps the other day and they arrived along with a copy of USA Philatelic, the Post Office's magazine for stamp collectors, which features the upcoming designs that will be released next month when postage rates go up. I am really excited about these new "Love" stamps, designed by Jeanne Greco and based on antique French playing cards! I love that they are a pair, and also really appreciate the line quality and colors. I may just have to stock up on these- they are certainly much nicer than those boring old flag stamps!

23 April, 2009

Another Man's Treasure

Check out this great video from the Weather Channel, featuring my friend Jane Kim and her recycled artwork!

*Update: the video is no longer available! Sorry...

14 April, 2009


I don't normally post this sort of thing on my blog, but I feel that I must make mention of the world of "Creative Grooming." These are some photos I dug up from a Google image search. My favorite is the "Leonardoodle." I also think the dog owners/ groomers are almost more fascinating than their "art." Has Christopher Guest seen this stuff?

13 April, 2009

Seeing Stars

I love these little badges from Miniature Rhino. She also has some great constellation embroideries (below) that remind me of these awesome vintage postcards I bought in Oregon last year.

07 April, 2009


I have been looking for a new toiletry bag for when I travel, and I am considering a combination of two or more pouches. The smallest pouch would be great in my purse for carry on items like lipstick, and I think that the larger bag would be good for big items like shampoo, while the middle size would be nice for makeup, hairbrushes and such. I am not quite sold on this particular set aesthetically, though. I feel like there should be more red.

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2. Mingus
3. Jezze