29 June, 2007

Not Yellow

I have to digress for a moment to gush about this gorgeous juicer. I've been looking for the perfect vintage juicer for years, and I've never been able to find anything turquoise, and then here it is! The Jiffy Juicer, made by Glading McBean (best known for its Franciscan ware) in 1926. I'd just like to offer up a hint to anybody who might be thinking six months in advance to my birthday... AHEM...

In the Wild

Here are some beautiful yellow and gray flowers from my neighborhood. Wouldn't the Yarrow (second pic) make an amazing textile?

Yellow Phone

This yellow phone is one of my proudest accomplishments: I rewired it myself so that we could use it in our shop. I wish I had taken notes, though; I have another one (red) in my house that I haven't been able to get working, but that is partly because one of its wires slipped inside the plastic casing and that's really hard to open...

28 June, 2007

Gray Week

For the last year the combination of yellow and gray has been everywhere, so what could be a more appropriate follow-up to Yellow Week than Gray Week? The week after next, my friend Richard will be guest blogging all about the color gray, so stay tuned!

*PS: This lovely gray teapot is up for auction here on Ebay.

26 June, 2007

Yellow Fabric

Here are some really beautiful yellow prints from Repro Depot.

The Eliza Scallop.

This is Building Blocks Pez.

And Building Blocks Rulers.

Dill Blossom.

Elsie's Kitchen.

Katie Bouquet.

Katie Bows.

I saw this for the first time last year at Liberty of London: Vegetable Dot.

Village Square.

Katie Dot.

Arbour Gold.


Oh, Martha!

Here are some gorgeous yellow pics from this month's Martha Stewart Weddings.


This is our friend Clark's lemon yellow Dart.

Please Take- Free!

I found this suitcase a block from my house, but it has a combination lock that won't open...

Yellow on Etsy

Panda screenprint from Strawberry Luna.

Paper tags and paperclips from The School Locker.

Honeybees noteset from Pearl Marmalade.

Sunny Days clutch from Keyka Lou.

Hello May print from Ashley G..

"I am Happy With My Alpaca" painting from Tummy Ache.

25 June, 2007

Yellow on Ebay

Here are some great yellow finds from this week.

A ceramic "Love Birds" planter.

An art deco wall clock.

An enamel tea kettle.

A pillow case.

A 1960's donut phone.

A cute, summery dress.

An antique Chinese dragon bowl.

A little horse planter.

Cute bird salt and pepper shakers.

An "egg basket" ceramic cookie jar.

An ice crusher.

A kitchen timer.

And some great metal lawn chairs.