20 May, 2007

cupcakes galore

There's something about hanging out with Laurel and Myles... we always end up eating a lot of baked goods, and especially cupcakes. Last night Laurel and I tried a new place in her neighborhood called "Burgers and Cupcakes". It was the kind of place where you build your own burger from lots of choices (bison, ostrich, venison, and salmon were a few of the options), and then they also serve cupcakes! Laurel had a veggie burger with cheese and grilled mushrooms, and I had a chicken chipotle burger with goat cheese. Yum! I will eat goat cheese on just about anything. I said, "just about." Then we got a banana caramel cupcake to go, and headed over to Billy's and picked up a chocolate cupcake and also a slice of icebox cake (!!). We put the cake in the fridge at the apartment and then took our cupcakes to the show this morning, but I misplaced the banana caramel (and found it again just before we shut down for the night), so we still have that one for tomorrow. After we left the convention center, we walked over to Cupcake Cafe for a chocolate cupcake or two with milk.... Mind you, we never planned to do any sort of cupcake tour. It just happened! Luckily, I think we might be out of places to go to, since we've both had our fill of Magnolia... not that there aren't plenty more cupcake shops around. What is with New York and cupcakes?

Anyways, I think I might curb my sweet tooth for now and hold out for Donut Plant, my mecca.

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