27 May, 2007

Peacock Blue

Today Jane and I went to check out the SF Decorator's Showcase before it closed. For those of you who don't know, Jane
painted this beautiful mural in the master bedroom decorated by Kendall Wilkinson. I was lucky enough to get a preview while Jane was working, and now having seen the rest of the house, I can easily confirm that this is by far my favorite room. Not only is Jane's work gorgeous (you should see the painted radiator in the dressing room), but as you might guess, I just LOVE the colors that were chosen.

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Anonymous said...

This room is gorgeous, and it looks remarkably like the room in Dagmar's film that Laurel and I catered. Did you ever see any work from that movie? Price did a mural on the wall. It was just for the movies, so it wasn't as real a room as you'd live in... I wonder if there are photos on his blog, or her MySpace. -M.