21 May, 2011

NSS 2011

Hello! I just got back from a long week in New York for the National Stationery Show. This was Pie Bird Press' sixth year exhibiting at the show, and our fifth solo booth (the first year we exhibited with a rep group). I think we did a great job with the booth this year- the set up just gets simpler and simpler every time, and this one only took about five hours to construct (including a Doughnut Plant break) and 10 minutes to break down. Not too shabby! Here are some pictures of the booth from past years, so you can see how things have evolved.





12 May, 2011

Weekends, Etc.

streets of berkeley

I really should be packing for my flight tomorrow to New York for the National Stationery Show, but instead I find myself sitting still for seemingly the first time in weeks (months?) and wanting to take in everything I've been doing. The truth is that most of the time I've been working, and working very hard, but I've also had the opportunity to take some fantastic breaks. Let's see... since mid February, which is the last time I think I checked in, I have: seen six shows (Drunk Horse twice, Versus, Best Coast and Hunx and His Punx, Smoking Popes, Tropical Sleep and the Wrong Words) went to the Monster Drawing Rally, two art openings, drove to Austin and back for SXSW (see below), attended the opening of a new restaurant, went on 7 first dates, had my eyelashes tinted for the first time (I'm sold), ate numerous amazing meals with friends, went to Healdsburg for a relaxing weekend of wine tasting, sunbathing and spa treatmets with my friend Jessica, planted beans and melons from seeds I saved last summer, beat my high score at bowling (not that high), and flew to New York for my friend Isaac's wedding and a few days of catching up with old friends and exploring parts of the city I haven't visited in years. Yes, I literally was in New York a week and a half ago and am going back tomorrow. Did I mention I haven't had a minute to sit still in weeks? Anyways, here is some visual evidence, in no particular order...

cake break at billy's in chelsea

streets of berkeley

fresh strawberry donut at doughnut plant, nyc

jessica and i hamming it up at the ace hotel

the gorgeous shibui spa at the greenwich hotel

my baby seedlings

marina luz at the monster drawing rally

somewhere in queens

on the way to isaac's wedding

lunch at the brooklyn flea

downtown bakery, healdsburg

decoys at the oakland museum white elephant sale