17 May, 2007

Why I Love My Local Hardware Store

I love shopping in drugstores and hardware stores because there are always so many unexpected finds. Last week I went in to buy woodgrain switchplate covers for That Room and found this gem which I am using in my kitchen. Pardon the flash!


MylesNye said...

The implicit suggestion here is that turning the switch to the "on" position will cause an emergency.

Phooey, I'm out of blogs to comment on. Now I hafta do work. Unless I send some emails...

Steven Strauss said...

Pastime hardware in El Cerrito?

I followed you and your great eye over here from Red Meat's gallery of MySpace friends. I so have to save up for business cards from your press.

Were you a denizen of the Ivy Room? I miss that place so much. For a while McBeth was turning on the lights at scram time and playing Lee Marvin singing "Wanderin' Star." I'll always associate that song with blinking and squinting. My wife Cynthia and I made a lot of Red Meat shows there, you may recall a grand dame in a wheel chair and a guy seemingly wearing a uniform? That was we.

Anyway, you're the first stranger whose MySpace profile made me wish I could be added to your friends list, but I guess you'd rather we were introduced. Maybe Smelley can do the honors. I will follow your post-NY exploits in something more like real time.

Steven Strauss

"I bet you ain't had no red velvet befo."
-almost verbatim what i overheard at the AMPM on San Pablo and Marin