21 May, 2007

silver shoes

Laurel and I have been seeing silver shoes all over the place. We saw six pairs during the time between when we left the Javits Center at 6:00 and when we got to the apartment at 6:45, and loads more during the course of the last two days. The majority have been flats (my favorite), but there have also been sneakers and sandals. If I could have any silver shoes (and I already have some, of course), I would want these, by Sigerson Morrison. I love the cut of their shoes so much, but they are WAY out of my league. Sigh... I guess they will just have to replace the bag that was on my wish list!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love Sigerson Morrison shoes! they are so expensive though!

i've been wanting silver shoes for what seems like forever but haven't found the perfect ones yet.