01 May, 2007

Red Velvet, If You Please

I have been to three major supermarkets today, and NONE of them carry Duncan Hines' Red Velvet cake mix! This is very troublesome indeed, because I am involved in a Red Velvet tasting venture on Saturday night and the mix was to be one of six recipes to try. Now, I have only ever seen said cake mix once, in Rhode Island, and I am beginning to be concerned that it is a product marketed only in the East. Which would be a terrible shame! No other cake mix company makes a Red Velvet, and I might just be out of luck.

Despite all this, of all the cake mix companies, Duncan Hines is my favorite, if only because I read and very much enjoyed the biography of Mr. Hines himself. Contrary to popular belief, he was a real person, and pioneered the guide-book industry in America. Just as automobiles were making travel a reality for the masses, he began documenting the different restaurants and hotels he had tried on the road, and letting people know which were fit to revisit. Over the years, his name became so well-associated with good taste that he was asked to lend his name to a collection of food products, including the cake mix that I cannot find.


jennwhisper said...

hannah, i'm so freakin' excited about saturday! I get tired pretty early these days, but after trying 6 kinds of red velvet, i'll be ready to roll.

MylesNye said...

You should check a Duncan Hines guide book and see if it contains directions to the secret location of his cake mix. Wasn't he also engaged to Betty Crocker? Or were they brother and sister?