24 June, 2011

Color Blocked

This is beyond nerdy, but I love these search results for Pie Bird Press on Google Images (above) and Pinterest (below). It makes me really happy that I am putting so much color out into the world. (Click to enlarge.)

Summer Garden

23 June, 2011

Beach Dog

Marina and I played hookie from work today and went to the beach. I got ridiculously sunburnt and splurged on this cheeze-wiz drenched hotdog. Not bad for a Wednesday!


If you read any design or entertaining blogs, then you've probably seen Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN, all over the place in the last few months. Their dresses and accessories are (not surprisingly) gorgeous, and now they have a line of decorations for weddings (or parties!) as well. I'm not sure any of these products are particularly innovative in and of themselves, but I love the styling so much- I think the photographs stand on their own!

20 June, 2011


This weekend epitomized summer. Friday night I went to my first ballgame of the season (to watch the Oakland A's butcher the Giants), Saturday I drove down the coast to go strawberry picking and eat lobster rolls, and Sunday I went to the San Mateo County Fair (oh yes, it's that time of year!). That evening, my dad and I took a walk with our dogs by the bay, had a delightful dinner at Ippuku in Berkeley and saw Cave of Forgotten Dreams for Father's Day. Doesn't get much better than this!

19 June, 2011

Pretty Things: Citrus Edition

I've noticed myself pinning a lot of citrus-colored images on Pinterest lately so I thought I'd round them up in a post here. Makes me want a pink grapefruit margarita...

rachel castle

tom binns via farfetch

red magazine via bright bazaar

lara ferroni


max mara pianoforte via matches fashion

matthew williamson via the coveteur

layla grace


rue du mail via the corner

apollinas via poppytalk

vintage howard greer via vintageous

jonathan saunders, alberta ferreti, easton pearson, chloe, dvf via net-a-porter

jill rosenwald at lotus bleu

kate spade

nuria mora via poppytalk


18 June, 2011

On the Case

I have been collecting vintage pillowcases for some time- ostensibly to make a quilt with- and every now and then I take a look on Etsy to see if there are any I must have. I thought the ones I bookmarked looked particularly pretty in my "favorites" section today, so I took a snapshot to share with you.

17 June, 2011

We're Famous!

Check out this wonderful feature by Dorothy Brown on our local website, the Albany Patch! I love this picture of Seymour and me in my lovely new office. (Photos by Dorothy Brown.)

14 June, 2011

Red Carpet Massacre

This is kind of exciting: here's me* at my friend Isaac's wedding last month, and here is Lucy Liu at the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere this weekend, in the same Vivienne Westwood gown (I had mine altered a little to be less boobtacular). Who would have thought I'd be ahead of the red carpet?

PS: I wore it with these Louboutins, and this Kate Spade clutch!

*photo of me by Julie Skarratt