29 September, 2008

Light Up

First of all, I have to admit that I read Kanye West's blog. The fact is, he posts about some pretty awesome gadgets sometimes! Including this Japanese take on the Lite Brite, which I totally want! It comes with more colors, and "twice the resolution."

22 September, 2008

Flower Pop

It always amazes me how many of these enamel pins were made, and in how many variations. A while back I saw a beautiful collection of them on someone's blog (if anyone else remembers this, please leave the link in the comments!), all laid by color. Here are a few that are currently for sale on Etsy (links below).

1st Row: Relics Renewed, Vintage Elephant, Porky Pie Designs
2nd Row: True Colors For You, Lil Old Lady, Miss Cece's Jewels
3rd Row: Jenn Ski Vintage, Boutiki Hut, Boomer Girls Vintage
4th Row: Yesterday's Treasures, Deux Marie, Skirt Chaser


When I was a kid, on vacations in the UK I always had to drink as many elderflower pressés as I could. These days you can find the elderflower syrup more readily (IKEA even has it!) in the US, but back then it was a special treat. Mixed with sparkling water, it was the ultimate refreshment on a warm day. Today, I stumbled upon the website for Belvoir Farms, a British company that makes a whole line of pressés and syrups in colorful bottles! I wish we could buy these in the States! I am sure they taste delicious (they are made from organic fruits), but I really just wish I could have a whole row of them on my kitchen counter as a display.

Secret Art

I found the "Secret Art of Graffiti Removal" Flickr pool through Poppytalk. It's all photos of buffed out graffiti art, and the unintentional art that results from it. Check out these gorgeous pictures!!

By Shield

By Lord Jim

By b0

This pic at the top is one I took a few months ago.

19 September, 2008

Take to the Sky

Lately I've been really wishing I had a home with more wall space, plus a few extra bucks to invest in some of these great paintings I have been admiring. In addition to the large scale work of Calvin Burton and Woody Shepherd that I mentioned the other day, I would like to have a landscape painting by Kelly Neidig. I think this one (below) is particularly beautiful. At just 10"x10" one of these pieces might even be within my reach!

16 September, 2008

To Bed, Perchance to Dream

Some bedding from Etsy I've been admiring...

turquoise and chartreuse sheets, Pierre Cardin sheets, purple and pink pillowcases

Playing Catsup

I love this Catsup Spice tin from Ebay!

Vera Ferns

For those of you who love the wallpaper in my great aunt's bathroom (which, incidentally, my grandma also had in her bathroom, sans foil), here are some more examples of the fern pattern from Vera that I've found around the web.

Showing Your Stripes

I'm obsessed with this tie from Etsy seller The Lucky Fish. I don't know any men who actually wear ties, but if you do, it would make a lovely gift!


This is a vintage pinball machine I found at an antique mall in Rockford, IL. I wish the colors had come out better in my photos... it's really beautiful.


While I was in Chicago last week, my friend Piper and I spent some time walking around Pilsen, where I took these pictures.

Time Capsule

I was in Chicago last week and took some sneaky pictures at my great aunt's apartment, which she moved into 27 years ago, and which doesn't appear to have changed at all since!

This is the foyer when you walk into the building.

The living room.

Check out the wallpaper in the bathroom! I believe it's vintage Vera, but I've never seen it before with the foil.

For Art's Sake

I saw this painting by Calvin Burton on Dear Ada last week, and I fell in love. The colors are so fantastic, and it reminds me of the Salomon Huerta prints from Paulson Press that I've been coveting...

and also, the gorgeous landscape work of fellow RISD alum Woody Shepherd that I have been swooning over for years. I think I need to find a house with more wall space!

07 September, 2008

Notes from the Point

This morning was another lovely day at Alameda Point, but I must admit I was a bit sleepy this month, and failed to take very many pictures. Here's what I did capture.

Ice, Ice Baby

Did anyone else notice this picnic jug on "Mad Men" tonight? I know I'm a little obsessed with thermoses these days, but I was thrilled to see the whole picnic set up. Perfection!

02 September, 2008

What a Mug

Look at these adorable Finel mugs that match my bowls! So cute.

State Fair

My friend Jane and I went to the State Fair this weekend, and had a blast! From fried food (fried Oreos, fried avocados, fried ravioli, fried White Castle hamburgers) to fireworks, demolition derby to prizewinning preserves and old school photobooths... all in all a perfect day.