25 April, 2011

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18 April, 2011


I was out in the garden today, planting some beets and herbs, and potting the bean and melon sprouts I started in my kitchen, and I had to pick some of my beautiful bulbs to share with you! It may be rainy outside, but having these on my desk sure makes life seem bright.

08 April, 2011

Life vs. Blog

Hello again- it looks like life has once more taken priority over blogging, which is a shame because there is so much to talk about! This is a picture from my friends Via and Kelsey's cake party last night. Via (who I used to share a studio with) makes beautiful wedding invitations, and Kelsey (who I went to RISD with) makes amazing wedding cakes, so they threw a soiree to promote both, which was brilliant. This was my favorite of Kelsey's cakes on display, and let me tell you- her Earl Grey cake is SO GOOD. Yum!

I am heading up to Healdsburg for a much-needed weekend of relaxation, and it doesn't look like life and work will slow down when I get back, but I do hope to be able to update you more often, and post some of the many, many Pretty Things I've been bookmarking these last couple of months.