25 March, 2009

Dig It

I came across East Market Street Antiques through my friend Stephen's Ampersand Blog. Their website is organized by collection, and I love this grouping of antique children's shovels.

17 March, 2009

Lucky Day

I was lucky enough to find these two four-leafed clovers the other day on a walk with Seymour. I hope you are all having a fun St. Patrick's Day!

15 March, 2009

Rise and Shine

Tonight I got to see my friend Alex'sshow, "And Another Shall Rise to Take Her Place" at White Walls gallery in SF. Alex has always made amazing zines and posters under the imprint Cantab Publishing, as well as some incredible street art. His current drawings are really beautiful, combining silkscreen, airbrush, and more traditional drawing techniques. If you have the chance you should check them out- the show is up until April 3.

13 March, 2009


How cute is this Polaroid box?? I only wish all my Polaroids could fit in it! I keep them stored in an old card catalog instead.

11 March, 2009

Doing Stuff, I Is

The big reason I haven't been posting to this blog so much lately is that I've been busy doing things.

I have been to a few shows (Litany for the Whale, Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance w/ Total BS, Fucked Up, Music Tapes, Andrew Bird, AC Newman).

I went to a bunch of events during SF Sketchfest (a screening of "Better Off Dead" with Q&A with Savage Steve Holland, the Stella live show, a screening of "Wet Hot American Summer" with most of the cast in attendance).

I've been to a few art events besides the Art Murmur (my friend Jane's show at Water, a show my friend Jessica hosted at Untitled Gallery, a couple of exhibits at Park Life, the annual Monster Drawing Rally, where my friend Marina was drawing, and where I was lucky enough to buy a piece by Carson Murdach).

I've hosted a few dinner parties and attended a few more.

I've been to the White Elephant Sale and Alameda Point, as usual.

I've helped friends print and worked on my new collection of designs.

I went to Chicago to visit my friend Piper. Highlights include: Ribs N Bibs, Hot Doug's, Table 52, and Trader Vic's.

I've had my wisdom teeth pulled.

I saw "Fired Up!," "The Wrestler," and "Doubt."

I've entertained out-of-town guests and drank too many tiki drinks.

I've hired a new sales rep (in the Northwest) and lost an old one (East Bay).

I've gone bowling, played shuffleboard, and numerous rounds of Boggle and Scrabble.

I saw the SF premier of "Handmade Nation".

...just to name a few. If you want to keep better tabs on me, please check out my daily updates at my other blog.

Well Heeled

I don't wear heels enough to justify their purchase, particularly when the shoes are made of fabric and therefore more likely to be damaged than, say, patent leather, but these... oh, these shoes are really, really tempting.


I saw this painting by Nathan Abels on Happy Mundane today, and I love the flatness of it.

10 March, 2009

Hello Again

I haven't been posting here for a while, but there are a few things I've been eyeing around the internet that I wanted to share. Since this blog has always served as an archive for me of the things I find visually inspiring, I plan to continue keeping these records, just not as frequently. Hope you don't mind!

This painting by Grant Haffner. It reminds me a little of the painting I bought from Kelly Neidig last year.

A tile from Rob Ryan.

A card from The Great Lakes.

Print of a painting by Lisa Congdon.

Prints of paintings by Leah Giberson- you know how much I love topiaries!!!

Embroidered topographic map by Fabbiz.

Print/collage by one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Essimar.

This lamp from Crate and Barrel, which is actually much more turquoise in person.

I am really liking all the green that they are showing right now, like these vases.

And also these sheets, which I have been coveting for a while.

Then there's this painting by Christopher Bettig, which reminds me so much of this drawing by Jaimie Derringer.

Oh, yeah! And also these little porcelain pieces that Ashley Goldberg has been selling: