31 August, 2008

Blog Day!

Happy Blog Day, everyone! As per tradition, I want to share a couple of blogs I've been enjoying lately, and mention their authors.

I love just about everything on Matt Bites. Matt is an amazing photographer and stylist, and I have a huge crush on him and his husband.

When it comes to art and design, my taste is incredibly similar to Jim's atModern Craft. I am consistently impressed with his finds. (And yes, that is my typewriter card... shameless, I know.)

I can't get enough of Snippet & Ink to satisfy my girly wedding fantasies.

Pam at House Martin always posts the prettiest things. I love her floral work!

I would be remiss to omit the fabulous Rich of FourFour. I have become addicted to more than a few reality shows simply because I love reading his episode recaps at the VH1 blog so much...

And I know I'm far from the only girl who is insanely jealous of Alicia's lovely home and family, which she photographs and writes about so well on Posie Gets Cozy.

There is no person I'd rather look to for kitchen inspiration and recipes than Smitten Kitchen's Deb.

Some other fantastic blogs I visit regularly (for a more complete list, see the right-hand column): Pret a Voyager, Retro Renovation, 3191 (my homepage!), Cake Wrecks, More Ways to Waste Time, Oh! Happy Day, and Uppercase Journal, The "Blog" of "Uneccessary" Quotation Marks.

29 August, 2008

Tomato Man

I've been getting the most amazing dry-farmed tomatoes at the market this month- they are so sweet that they definitely taste more like fruit than vegetable. This one had a nose on it, so I gave it some eyes, too.

28 August, 2008

Needle in a Haystack

My friend Jenn organized a sewing night this week, and I realized I'd lost my pincushion. Etsy is so fully of cute ones, I don't know which one to buy!

Spotted, Peapod, Umbrella, Roses, Flower Pot, Mushrooms, Pancakes, Petit Fours, Cottage

And to be fully equipped, Raindrop pins!

26 August, 2008

End Use

I was so flattered to hear today from fellow Etsy seller Ansley Bleu, who sent me the link to this photo in her Flickr account of my cards hanging up in her studio (Pears, Apricots, and Ginko- lower left)! I hear from a lot of customers that they have framed my cards, but it is really nice to see them up! Thanks, Ansley!

24 August, 2008


Sometimes I think that the stamens used in millinery floral arrangements are prettier than the flowers themselves.

Sources: Lemon Icebox Pie, Earth Gathering, Back Through Time, Tinsel Trading Co., Dolls and Lace, Vintage Millinery Shoppe, Colors of Love, Vintage Bella, School Locker

Birds and Baubles

Here are some pretty things that are inspiring me lately:

Tiles from JerseyBarb83.

Bluebird from GooberPea.

Vintage prize ribbon from Honey Bend Vintage.

Berries from SchoolLocker.

Watch faces from Foundlings.

Bird ribbons from Aldetha.

Los Angeles apartment buildings by Googiesque on Flickr.

22 August, 2008

And After

Now that's more like it- after a good, muddy swim at Point Isabel today.

21 August, 2008

Car Snac

While looking for vintage thermoses for my virtual collection, I discovered the Car Snac, a picnic set designed to hang over the back of your seat in the car. Aren't they cute?

You can find the auction for the red one here, and the blue one, here.

20 August, 2008

Haircut Time!

Well, it's that time again... Seymour got groomed this morning. Here are the before and after pics. Please note the presence of eyes in the after shot!

08 August, 2008

Cooler than Cool

Check out this awesome cooler I found on Ebay! You can find the listing here.

06 August, 2008


I'm sure this has been blogged about before, but I love these cards from Morris & Essex! Aren't they gorgeous? You can buy them in their Etsy shop as well.