26 May, 2007

She's Crafty

So I've been thinking about taking my cards around on the craft show circuit to try and build my reputation and also generate more income (each retail sale is twice the amount of a wholesale one, after all, not to mention that the booth fees are like $50, as opposed to the $5,000 I shelled out for the NSS), and I'm trying to figure out where and when these things happen. I've never really been one for the DIY scene, but I know my cards would fit in, and, well... I guess I'm hoping to exploit that.

It seems like the big indie fairs (Renegade, Bazaar Bizarre, etc.) are all in Chicago and New York. While I'm willing to entertain the notion of going to both those places (and taking advantage of the hospitality of my friends who live there), the ideal thing would be to do some local fairs as well, where I could save on airfare and make 100% profit. As it is, these shows require far less scenery (they provide you with or charge you a minimal fee ($10) for a table, you throw some fabric over it, and voila!) than the wholesale shows, where the booth fee is $25 per square foot and you are required to buy their foamcore in a minimum quantity of 5 panels (at $200 per panel), and flame proof your fabric, etc.... So a little airfare, especially given a free place to stay, would be acceptable. But I am not entirely sure how much I would make per fair, and I'd like to come out in the black a few times before I start spending like crazy. And then there's the time... A local show would mean spending a day or two behind a table, whereas travel and wanting to see my friends would mean a four or five day trip.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for craft fairs, local and not. If you do, let me know!!

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Anonymous said...

hey! you probably already know of this, but my friend always went to the live oak craft fair: http://events.contracostatimes.com/venues/show/38596-Live-Oak-Park-Fair
also, what about that telegraph ave holiday fair? it always feels good to support local artists so you should milk that stuff! i'm glad the show was a blast again!