08 February, 2009

Resolution No. 3, February Edition

As you may recall, I resolved this year to check out the galleries in the Oakland Art Murmur every month. This Friday I went with a couple of friends and found some pieces I really like. First of all, I am totally in love with this little drawing by Mark Taylor, for obvious reasons, which was part of a group of drawings at Hatch Gallery.

At Johansson Projects, I really liked Andrew Benson's paintings,

and the drawings by Amanda Hughen

and Jill Gallenstein.

01 February, 2009

Playing House

I found these two tin dollhouses at Alameda Point today and they really appealed to me for some reason. I love the printed wallpapers, flooring, and decor.

So I took a look on Ebay to see if I could find more, and guess what? There are lots! It turns out that they were made in many different styles, from the two-story colonial

to the modern ranch,

the Cape Cod,

or even a one-bedroom bungalow!

They came with the plastic furniture I posted about a while back. I am absolutely in love with the interiors of these houses!

I mean, look at this living room!

Some of them had rooftop patios.

And look, you could even have a detached garage (one car, or two)!

Or, a doghouse (this one is for Snappy the Miracle Dog).

I know I'm a grown up, but I totally want one of these. If you're looking, go on over to Ebay and search for "tin dollhouse." Almost all of these were made by the Marx company, who made lots of amazing tin litho toys, but the Ideal and Renewal companies also made this kind of house.

Notes from the Point, February '09

Here are my photos from Alameda Point today.