28 December, 2011


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I'm leaving for Mexico in the morning (so excited!!), and I thought I'd better put up my annual resolutions post before I go. In spite of some recent unhappiness, 2011 was a pretty great year. I proved myself right: being in my thirties is much better than being in my twenties, and for that reason, I am really looking forward to 2012. I have a feeling that 31 is going to be a big one for me!

As per tradition, let's see how I did with last year's resolutions: I did travel- I went on two road trips, went to Mexico (post to come soon!), Austin, Chicago, Seattle, Palm Springs, LA and New York twice. I read 17 books, saw lots of shows and a good amount of art, and I actually did manage to keep my house tidier than before (although there is still lots of work to do in that department). I didn't take any classes, but Erik and I are finally going to take that knife skills class soon! I spent as much time with friends and family as I possibly could, and it's been wonderful. I went on lots of adventures and even crossed off a few things from my "life list": trampolining at House of Air, going to SXSW, taking a tour of the Paramount theater, seeing a motorhome demo derby... I did lose some weight, and I cooked for myself much more- now I want to go back to cooking for other people more as well! I also did manage to increase my business by almost 50%, which is a huge accomplishment.

So without further ado, this year's goals:

1. Travel. I want to leave the country at least once, hopefully more. On my short list: Turkey, Morocco, Syria, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Portugal.

2. Read. I've been on a roll lately, and that's due partly to subscribing to City Arts & Lectures- hearing writers speak about their work is so inspiring.

3. Go to more cultural events. This includes not just concerts and art shows, but lectures, classes, film screenings, parties, and gatherings of all sorts.

4. Be even tidier. This year I've gotten in the habit of doing my dishes at least once a week (seriously- this is a MAJOR improvement), and I would like to maintain that as well as keeping clothes off my bedroom floor (why is that so hard?), keeping my dining room table clear, and keeping my office organized. Lofty goals...

5. Be more healthy. This (hopefully) will lead to losing more weight, which would be a very nice perk. I already avoid processed foods and refined sugar, but I need to try harder to eat less sugars in general, exercise more, and drink a glass green juice every morning. And floss more. Always.

6. Cross 5 things off my life list. (Top Secret until accomplished.)

7. Entertain more. I used to be in the habit of throwing large, elaborate dinner parties on a regular basis, but it got to be too much for me. I'd like to start hosting more informal, small gatherings- mostly I just want to be able to cook for more of my friends, more often.

8. Keep the business growing, but try to delegate more, and outsource more. Streamline my responsibilities so that I can accomplish more and enjoy working more at the same time. Try to procure more illustration jobs.

9. Say yes. This is an oldie but a goodie- I never regret taking an opportunity to do something new and interesting instead of saying no.

10. Do good. This year I've really leaned on my friends and family for support, and I want to make it a priority to be there for them. I also want to do nice things for strangers when I can.

And, it wouldn't be New Year's without this song. Enjoy!

24 December, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

This post is dedicated to my incredible friends and family, who have made my birthday week (and the one leading up to it) really special and made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, even though some not-so-lucky things have happened lately. I got to go to an especially good Crab Monday dinner at Camino, built a giant fort in my living room and hosted a fantastic party, had a chocolate malt with banana at Val's, went to the annual Golden Girls drag show, finally got to jump on the trampolines at House of Air (this has been on my to-do list for two years- note to self: next time bring your asthma inhaler!), attended the opening night of another new Oakland restaurant, Haven, was treated to a pedicure, ate dinner at Mission Chinese, and had an assortment of fantastic cocktails and lunches and heart-to-hearts as well. You might think that your friends are pretty great, but I am confident that mine are the very best friends in the world. Thank you guys!!

15 December, 2011

Renegade This Weekend!

Come visit Pie Bird Press and all your favorite vendors at the annual Renegade Craft Fair holiday sale this weekend at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. We'll have lots of goodies for all your gifty needs.

13 December, 2011

Pretty Things: Wish List

With my birthday coming up, along with the holidays, I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list from my Pinterest page. Not that I'm expecting anyone to buy me these items; for the most part they're things I would only buy if I was a gazillionaire with an enormous house to furnish and a walk-in closet. But a girl can dream, right?

antique tin train station

antique ring

miu miu glitter pumps from here and here

antique elk tooth brooch

crosley turntable

kora bracelet

st. kilda matchstick brooch

christian dior spring rtw 2012

off the menu by marissa guggiana

ratzer blanket

dolce & gabbana

eric therner diamond light (with an earth sea warrior cord?)

native american

marc by marc jacobs

need supply co.

finger limes

sukan pillow

placemats from leif

rina ono egg cups

antique charm

antique brooch

scott mcbee painting

28 November, 2011


The one and only Craftland in Providence is open for all your holiday shopping. This year they're selling Pie Bird Press' notebooks and pencil cases, so if you're in the area, stop by and check them out! There's an opening party this Friday! (And if you're in the Bay Area, come visit us at Renegade Craft Fair on December 17th and 18th at the Concourse Exhibition Center!)


Check out Pie Bird Press' "Max" card in the latest issue of Bark Magazine! (In the center of the bottom row!)

21 November, 2011

Weekends, Etc./ From Afield: West Oakland

The last couple of weeks have been busy! I attended Pop Up Magazine, which was one of the most interesting and fun events I've been to in a long time. No pictures were allowed (or recordings- you had to be there), but suffice it to say that it was a really magical evening and I can't wait for the next one!! In addition, I went to a burlesque show, attended a fundrasier at the abandoned 16th Street train station, and wandered around West Oakland taking photos. I went to a wonderful pop-up dinner hosted by Hapa Ramen and Almanac Beer at Bar Tartine, got to see Joan Didion- one of my favorite living writers- interviewed by Vendela Vida at City Arts & Lectures (she was so charming- I loved the bit she read from this Vogue piece), had some fantastic meals at Zuni, Camino, Boulette's Larder, upstairs at Chez Panisse, Wayfare Tavern, Ippuku, and at a Dux pop-up at Summit, and savored Chris Lee's amazing boudin blanc at the Beaujolais Nouveau celebration at Kermit Lynch.  Maybe most exciting, I finally got a juicer!  Having a fresh glass of juice every morning makes me feel great.  Photos:

donuts from cibo per strada

17 November, 2011

Hello Again!

Check out the adorable new animated site that Hello Lucky! has set up for their collection of holiday photo cards! (Hint: Pie Bird Press is hiding at door no. 9!)

12 November, 2011


Thanks to Hello Lucky! for featuring me on their blog today, to promote the new holiday photo cards I designed for them!

07 November, 2011


Last weekend I celebrated Halloween by getting dressed up and going to two parties, a pig roast, a Pierced Arrows show, going bowling, and attending the Treasure Island Flea. It's a testament to how much fun I was having that I don't have very many pictures to share, but here is a shot of me in my "cotton candy" costume.

This weekend, I headed down to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for a weekend of fun and relaxation with my friend Marina. We had rain on our first day there, but we consoled ourselves at the outlet mall (I got a great dress at the Prada outlet), and by drinking cocktails in the hot tub, watching chick flicks in our room, and eating our way through the menu at the King's Highway. And when the sun came out, we had a chance to lay out and bask in it before returning home.

28 October, 2011

New Pie Bird Press for Hello Lucky! Holiday Photo Cards!

Take a look at the holiday photo cards I designed for Hello Lucky's new collection! You can order them here and here.