26 May, 2007

More Ideas

I came away from the Stationery Show with lots of ideas for how to expand Pie Bird Press. The two that I really want to research are: having limited edition screenprints made of some of my designs, and having fabric printed with my designs and made into products like throw pillows and coin purses. I think my "Peppermints" design would lend itself especially well to fabric, so that is probably the first one I would try. The key here is finding somebody to do the sewing, since I myself am not very good with the machine.

As for the fine-art prints, I WISH I could do them myself! I love screenprinting so much, but I just don't have the space for the setup. So I'm looking into outsourcing that as well. But the question is, which designs would I chose to blow up? If you feel like weighing in, please check out the shop section of my website and let me know what you would want on your wall. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back--I'm glad the show was a success!

I'm voting for your 'apricots' print--I'd hang it up in a New York minute.

Queen Bee Amy said...

I could see the yarn print in my bedroom, and the plums in my dining room. Your prints have such a nice graphic quality - they would look great in a large format. -Amy