24 June, 2009

Art Attack!

As this blog is supposed to be a record of things I like and find inspiring, I thought I'd share some of the art that I've bookmarked from other blogs over the last year or so. Click on the "Art" tag below or on the sidebar to see more artists I like.

Marco Cibola via Modern Craft.

Jonathan Purday via Modern Craft.

Rinske Dekker via Poppytalk.

The Date Farmers via Modern Craft.

Treatzone via Little Paper Planes.

Oliver Jeffers via Modern Craft.

Michelle Armas via Katy Elliot.

Hollis Brown Thornton via Leah Giberson.

Steve Lambert via Black Eiffel.

Francis Alÿs via Printeresting.

Why, Jello!

You may remember that I've been collecting Jell-O cookbooks since I found a copy of "The Joys of Jello" at my grandmother's house when I was sixteen. Although I've never been a big fan of gelatin as an edible, it's brilliant colors and shine have inspired me for years. In fact, my very first greeting card designs were a series of gelatin desserts (below).

I have cookbooks from a variety of gelatin companies, but the Jell-O brand books are my favorites. Because the Jell-O company produced so many promotional cookbooks over the years, it is surprisingly difficult to collect them all, but I am lucky enough to have ones spanning most of the 20th Century. Here are a few covers from my collection. I will post some lovely and lurid interior photos tomorrow.

21 June, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

My father makes the best chocolate cakes (above). Here's hoping you and yours are having a wonderful day!

19 June, 2009

House Beautiful

I am thrilled to have my house featured on design*sponge today! A big thank you to Grace and Anne for making it happen, and welcome to everyone who is checking out my blog for the first time. Here are some more pictures that didn't make it into the post.

10 June, 2009

It's a Wrap!

I was so excited to see this guest post on Black Eiffel by Brooke Reynolds because I have been collecting chopstick wrappers since high school!! I am loving all of Brooke's posts- it seems we have a lot of collections in common (also lost playing cards and valet tags). And now that I have a working scanner, I can share some of my collections, too!

One of my favorite things about chopstick wrappers is the instructional diagrams on the backs. I have seen a couple of tattoos of this type of design, and I think it's a great idea. I've grouped my wrappers by color and type here, with the backsides last. You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.