01 July, 2007


Whenever I go antiquing, I have to stop myself from buying cream pitchers. What is it about that particular type of vessel that gives it so much character? I just find them irresistible. Similarly, I have an ongoing fascination with the non-representational topiaries that are commonly found around the Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito area. Over the next week I will be sharing some prize specimens from around my neighborhood, so I've put together this little identification guide to help familiarize you with the most common types of topiary.

*Please click on the image to enlarge it!


jennwhisper said...

i am very excited about the topiary posts. not only do i appreciate topiaries, but topiary was one of my favorite SAT words that i learned in high school. in fact, it might be the only word i retained.

Anonymous said...

I never gave much thought to non-representational topiary! I always fancied the giraffe-or-Goofy variety. Is the difference between drum and box mainly height? Also, thanks for the passiveaggressivenotes blog link, those are hilarious! -M.

deerseason87 said...

That's an excellent question! The Drum is cylindrical, like a drum, and the Box is cubical, like a box. They can both be found in various heights.


Anonymous said...

I think the Platter could also be called The Cat Tree.

LOVE all the topiary! They're phenomenal! Thanks for collecting them!