27 July, 2007

My Favorite Plum

These Satsuma/ Santa Rosa plums are always the biggest crop from my dad's garden. They are big and juicy, tart on the outside and deliciously sweet on the inside. Not to mention the gorgeous, jewel-like color.

They remind me of "My Favorite Plum" by Suzanne Vega: "See how the flesh presses the skin/ It must be bursting with secrets within..."

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madge said...

Hello there! Wow...those plums look so yummy.

I'm wondering if you were inquiring about the Nilon Brothers' plates (designed by your grandpa?! So neato) I have on my Solid Cherry blog? If so, please e-mail me @ madge.w[at]gmail.com. I'm very willing to see that you get them!

If not and I'm interrupting your space with what looks like a spam-a-thon, please pardon this!