04 July, 2007

Happy Holiday!

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, in no small part because it involves fireworks, which are, in my opinion, one of The Best Things in Life. I took this picture last night at the Oakland A's game. Four times a year they have "Pyrospectacular" games, after which everyone gets to go lie out on the field (which has the nicest grass ever) and watch fireworks set to music.

My dad used to take me to these games when I was a kid, and sometimes we'd go watch the fireworks from the parking lot even if we couldn't get tickets to the game. There are few things I love more than watching fireworks in a crowd of people and hearing everyone "ooh" and "aah" in unison. I've seen fireworks in Hong Kong at the New Year, and over-looking the Baltimore harbour, San Francisco Bay, and Arlington National Cemetery in D.C.. I've bought them in Fireworks Supermarkets in Tennessee and roadside stands in Texas, and set off more than my share of sparklers. But I think my favorite fireworks experience will always be at the Oakland Coliseum the night before the Fourth of July.

Today I'm planning to eat some barbeque, soak up some sun, and spend time with friends. I hope you have happy day!

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Suzy ~ lorenzstudio said...

I just love 4th of July fireworks too! How magical-now matter what age you are. I have a few pics on my blog of our 4th of July celebration as well, if you care to check them out!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I admire all of the items in your etsy shop and have featured the Poppies card in my latest treasury!