18 July, 2007


I am planning to have some large-scale silkscreens printed of some of my designs to sell as wall art because so many people have requested this, but which designs should I use? I would like to select two or three. The problem is that thus far, everyone I have talked to has suggested a different print, so I am hoping that by opening this up to you I can narrow it down a bit.

These are some of my more botanically oriented designs.

And these are some food-themed ones...

In addition, I could come up with something totally new! I'll take any suggestions, and here are some things I've been considering: candy apples, fortune cookies, non-dairy creamer, squash, pea sprouts, tulips... Please also feel free to look at my website to see the other designs there.

So, what would you want on your wall? I'd love it if you could leave me your opinion in the comments here. For those of you unaccustomed to commenting, never fear! You can be completely anonymous.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i vote for the first botanical one and the popsicle!