18 July, 2007

I Bought Plants

Today I went by my local nursery to buy a little ivy plant for the bathroom to replace the other plant that died from lack of sunlight, and I couldn't resist buying a whole flat of succulents!!! They are so pretty, and I'm really excited about them. I put them right outside the back door so that I will see them every day and remember to water them, and I am going to try my very, VERY best to keep them alive until I can put them in the ground.

Ever since I moved in, I've been wanting to fix up the garden, but I have terrible luck with plants, and so I've been putting it off. Now Eric and I are talking about hiring someone to pull out all the weeds (roughly 70% of the yard) and install a drip system, and then we really could plant things and keep them looking nice! I can't wait...

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