09 July, 2007

Assorted Shrubberies

I've been sick for the past few days, so I guess shrubberies got a bit of an extension, but I promise that this is the last of them... for a while. I hope you enjoyed these topiaries from the Bay Area, and stay tuned for Gray Week!

In the foreground here, you can see two Puffs, and in the background is a sort of Pom Pom/ Swirl hybrid. I also love that chimney! There are lots like it in my neighborhood, and I think they are very charming.

These neat rows of Drums remind me of typewriter keys.

Here are two lovely examples of the Grimace. As you can see, a single Grimace is very nice, but having several really elevates a garden to the next level.

I suppose you could call this shape the Fro Yo.

And this one might be the Cairn.

Here are some lovely Platters and Pom Poms:

I like how boxy these ones are.

These are like boxy Corndogs... Fishsticks?

And I love this Stacker! It's almost more like a Push Up pop.

This is one of the best cared for Swirls I've ever seen...

...whereas these ones have gotten a little out of control.

This one looks like a Ziggurat.

A neat row of Doorknobs.

And finally, here are a couple shots to show you how prevalent these topiaries are on certain blocks.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog.

I live in Berkeley and these tree posts made me laugh. They are indeed everywhere around here and fascinating! Is this just a bay area thing? I've not really seen it elsewhere.

The Invisible said...

Howdy. I’ve placed a link to your blog posts on topiary on my own blog, Real Mod (working on my topiary post as I type this). Thanks for posting all these great photos. We’ve got a lot of really fantastic Midcentury topiary here in Denver/Boulder as well, and I’ll be posting some photos on my site soon.

I’ve spent the morning trying to find good tutorials on trimming topiaries, but there are surprisingly few to be found (most only show people showing off their goofy looking pig and giraffe bushes). I have a decent number of bushes (low lying “carpet” Juniper, Sea Green Juniper, Golden Tam Juniper, etc.) that I planted three or so years ago that I would like to start shaping, but I’m not sure where to begin, and I don’t want to ruin them.

Anyone who has found a good site or videos in this regard, please post!