17 July, 2007

Clovers on Etsy

So I thought I should see what else there is out there, clover-wise. Here's what I found on Etsy. I would like to note here that there is a difference between Clovers and Shamrocks (clovers have round leaves, and shamrocks have heart-shaped ones, for starters), and what you see here are shamrocks. But how can you say no to crisp kelly green and white?

Checkbook cover from Pamela Quilts.

Two adorable Kawaii fabrics from Sakura Fabrics.

Clovers and strawberries AND deer!!! It's like a dream come true!

Cupcake picks from School Locker.

Makeup bag from 62 Cherry.

Vintage brooch from The Peach. Love the pipe!

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