17 July, 2007

Puppy Cut!

Seymour had his first professional haircut today! Here are the before and after pics:

Look how skinny he is! And the whiskers!


Anonymous said...

growing up i had an old english sheep dog. we never let her hair grow long ala nanny in peter pan, but instead kept her clipped shaggy. when i saw seymour's post make over pic i thought i was looking at a photo of casey! it made me smile and made my day!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! that is so cute.

he almost looks like a different dog, more grown up i think.

deerseason87 said...

tee hee! i think he looks a little like the tramp, from "lady and the tramp"... just not gray.

jennwhisper said...

what a makeover! he's so handsome! (not that he wasnt before...)