02 June, 2007

You Got Served!

We had 11 people over for dinner last night, and it was a huge success. Eric and I made fried chicken for the first time (thanks to Tyler Florence), and I also made cheese grits. Our guests brought greens, biscuits, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and watermelon, plus the makings for Old Fashioned's and Mint Juleps. For dessert I made banana pudding, buttermilk pie, and peach cobbler.

Between the 11 of us, we consumed nearly 4 chickens, and most of the above! It was quite impressive. And at the end of it all, everything was amazingly neat, thanks to my ingenious idea of using newspaper for a table cloth! It made clean-up a cinch!

But I am fairly certain that these tuberoses are the only thing keeping my entire house from smelling of cooking oil...

1 comment:

jennwhisper said...

it was a GREAT PARTY!!!! you are the best hostess.