24 June, 2007

Oh, Nancy

I just saw the new Nancy Drew movie, and I am totally in love. I never would have expected it, but I think they did everything right, from the creepy caretaker who turns out to be a good guy to the intriguing phone call at the end; from the little blue Roadster to Hannah Gruen's lemon bars, to Carson's cluelessness and Ned's asexuality (last year I read "Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her" and although it wasn't a favorite, I did learn alot of interesting things about the creation and writing of the Nancy Drew stories. Previously I hadn't realized how intentional it was to make Ned so... useless [but sweet!])... wow. And I loved the addition of the Harriet the Spy-esque "Sleuthing Kit!" So amazing.

As a girl I was obsessed with Nancy Drew. I wanted to be her so badly that I asked my parents to call me Nancy, and my mom was nice enough to buy me pencils with the name Nancy on them for me to use at school. My friend Louisa and I set up business as the "Super Slooths" and even made flyers to distribute in the neighborhood, for anyone who might have a mystery that needed solving. I loved Nancy, and everything she stood for, and it is great to finally see a movie that does her justice. My only complaint is that I wanted to see more of Bess and George, and their respective useless boyfriends... sigh. Nonetheless, a classic! I will probably have to buy it when it comes out on DVD... And whoever did the costuming was so good! I seriously hope that penny loafers become the next big trend among teenage girls.

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Anonymous said...

My brother and I went to see it right after it opened because (at the time) we were both unemployed (we both got jobs literally within minutes after leaving the theater) and we were both secretely dying to see it. We too fell absolutely in love! I rarely want to be a super skinny sixteen year old girl but her costumes? Omigod! How beautiful were they?! And that house? And the fact that she was smart, independent, and so far away from being a slut?! Brilliant!