19 June, 2007

Pink on Ebay

I found these items on Ebay last week. I guess pink is a tough color to photograph, because I was surprised how many items looked washed out and pale. Since this post is late, most of these auctions have ended already, so I won't bother posting the links. Still, enjoy the pics!

Vinyl and chrome kitchen chairs.

Gorgeous table cloth.

Canning jars.

Amazing owl napkin holder!

Samsonite suitcase.

A huge lot of pink petal glass dinnerware.

1 comment:

Piper said...

It IS so hard to photograph pink. I had to take dozens of pictures just to get the few that I put up! Some of these ebay items are SO good. Don't tempt me! By the way, Logan's mom just sent another huge box of pink linens, all new from the KitchenAid line! She is too good to me, I don't deserve it.