03 June, 2007

Treasures From the Point

This morning I headed out to Alameda and I found a few more treasures to add to this weekend's haul.

A wonderful (and very heavy) lamp for my living room.

Adorable owl night light.

A super cute strawberry colander.

Another set of turquoise glasses ($5 for 6!).

Two more deer for my collection.

AND... a 1960 submarine lunchbox for only $30!!!!!
I guess I should explain that my great uncle, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, invented the nuclear sub and is known as "The Father of the Nuclear Navy." This is why my dad and I spent a day out to sea on the USS Rickover last December before it was decommissioned, and also why I own two of these lunchboxes (which were produced for the launch of the Nautilus) and all kinds of miscellanious submarine paraphernalia. In any case, I've seen them (in mint condition, with the matching Thermos) go for as much as $350 on Ebay, so $30 is a pretty good deal.

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