02 June, 2007

A Good Day for Turquoise

The first weekend in June (and the first weekend in December) is a busy one for us Bay Area vintage shoppers. To start things off, there is the Art Deco and Modernism Sale, which runs all weekend long at the Concourse in SF, and then on Sunday is the monthly Alameda Point sale, with usually more than 800 dealers. Today I went to the Deco Sale with my mother and came away with some great finds! Let's just say that it was a very good day for turquoise.

I have been going to this sale since I was 14 years old. I guess you could say I stood out in high school, wearing nothing but vintage dresses in a sea of blue jeans and t-shirts, but my love for vintage design started early. When I go antiquing with friends, people are always amazed by how quickly I can browse, and the truth is, I've seen about 90 percent of it before. But no matter how many Franciscan apple plates, Vaseline glass chicken butter dishes, pink elephant cocktail sets, or teak candleholders I've seen, I still get a thrill out of finding something different. Here are my finds from today:

Gorgeous vase and Franciscan salad bowl.

Fabulous drinking glasses ($20 for six!).

Amazing roll of original Wonderbread wax paper.

Another pair of glasses frames, to be made into sunglasses (I have seven pairs of regular glasses and this will be my second pair of sunglasses).

AND... these beautiful knobs for my stove!!!

More to come tomorrow, I am sure...

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