08 June, 2007


Jane and I went on our annual cherry picking adventure today, and it was great! We made sure we got up early to avoid the valley heat, and the weather was perfect.
It was getting pretty hot as we were leaving, but we timed it just right. We picked about 25 pounds of cherries- mostly Bings and also some Raniers and Lapins. We left the Brooks on the trees because they are too small and mushy for us.
The Bings are my favorite and the hardest to collect because they don't grow in heavy clumps like the other varieties, so you have to really reach for them, and you only get about 10 per tree. But it's totally worth it because they are super crunchy and tart... YUM. Jane likes the Raniers best, and they are so pretty, but I think they are too sweet.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our excursion...


Bob the 5'9 said...

Hi! Where did you go to pick cherries? I have been wanting to do this for years, but I can never find a single cherry tree anywhere =)

p.s. thanks for linking to us (sporq) we really appreciate it.

deerseason87 said...

Hi! We go cherry picking in Suisun City, just outside of Farfield (it's the same freeway exit as the Scandia mini golf center). They have great organic cherries that taste better than anything store bought. Also, I know lots of people who go out to Brentwood for cherries, apricots, etc., but that's a little bit further from home for me.

PS: Sporq is a great resource! Thanks for creating it!