16 June, 2007


These finds all came from antique stores, Pyrex has a couple patterns in their pink line, though this acorn pattern is one of the easiest to find in stores.

Above and below is the Pyrex daisy print, and above I have two deep baking dishes with a calligraphy-like pattern. I've personally never come across this pattern, but the pieces were found and bought for me in rural Texas and in rural Montana. The top piece above is one of those new silicone, flexible, baking "dishes" that are being carried at several department stores and I think Bed Bath & Beyond.

These were bought new at a specialty French import cutlery shop by my mom, and given to me on my birthday. I love them!

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Anonymous said...

I think I may have been to this cutlery store! Maybe not the exact one, but when Laurel and I were in Paris we were in a store that had this very cutlery, and many more in similar patterns. Very cute. -M.