16 June, 2007

Just a few more...

The pink cupboard! 

These bowls are from Anthropologie, and are perfect for ice cream! I can't wait to make a peppermint ice cream- with flakes of the crushed red and white candies- and serve it in these bowls. I'll post a picture for you when I do it! 
How could I resist Piper Rosé champagne in a pink box? I couldn't. The linens in the picture are from my mom and are too pretty to soil in the kitchen. I'm waiting to make them into little curtains for an internal window in my kitchen that looks out into our mudroom.

My linens are a mix of vintage and new, the new ones are from Willams-Sonoma.
These new baking mits are so handy, and also came on my birthday from some thoughtful friends!

Hannah and I made these seat covers by stitching white and burgundy ribbon onto pink fabric and carefully hand-making the burgundy piping and pink ties. They are very comfortable and go perfectly with the pink and dark reds in my kitchen.

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deerseason87 said...

piper, your cupboards are so inspiring!!!