27 October, 2011

Weekend! (Seattle Edition)

This weekend I took a trip up to Seattle to visit with some good friends, and it was lovely. All of us are foodies, so as usual we did more eating than anything else. Highlights include pizza at Delancey, dinner at The Walrus & The Carpenter, Brunch at Sitka & Spruce, my friend Chris' homemade roasted squash pasta and Piper's homemade sourdough bread, a pilgrimage to the Seattle Pie Company, dinner at Momiji, breakfast at the Skillet, and drinks at Canon. In between meals we did a lot of sitting by the fire, watching movies and YouTube videos, and shopping. I love my friends! Here are some photos from the trip.

i fell completely in love with this fox at an antique mall in west seattle. sadly, after talking to several taxidermists, it seemed hopeless to try and restore him (the back of his head is held on with scotch tape, and there is serious damage to his paws and ears).

more antiques from around town

smoked black cod with pickled beets and creme fraiche from sitka & spruce

shawn and chris' beautiful home

chris ricing squash for pasta dough

tower of pie!

another shot of shawn and chris' home

biscuits and gravy, and poutine from the skillet

the sunrise from capitol hill

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