07 November, 2011


Last weekend I celebrated Halloween by getting dressed up and going to two parties, a pig roast, a Pierced Arrows show, going bowling, and attending the Treasure Island Flea. It's a testament to how much fun I was having that I don't have very many pictures to share, but here is a shot of me in my "cotton candy" costume.

This weekend, I headed down to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for a weekend of fun and relaxation with my friend Marina. We had rain on our first day there, but we consoled ourselves at the outlet mall (I got a great dress at the Prada outlet), and by drinking cocktails in the hot tub, watching chick flicks in our room, and eating our way through the menu at the King's Highway. And when the sun came out, we had a chance to lay out and bask in it before returning home.

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Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

Wow, I just love that pic of the chairs..really cool. Your costume rocks; how fun!! and I want to see that Prada dress ;-) Nice to "meet" you; just came across your blog today!