13 December, 2011

Pretty Things: Wish List

With my birthday coming up, along with the holidays, I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list from my Pinterest page. Not that I'm expecting anyone to buy me these items; for the most part they're things I would only buy if I was a gazillionaire with an enormous house to furnish and a walk-in closet. But a girl can dream, right?

antique tin train station

antique ring

miu miu glitter pumps from here and here

antique elk tooth brooch

crosley turntable

kora bracelet

st. kilda matchstick brooch

christian dior spring rtw 2012

off the menu by marissa guggiana

ratzer blanket

dolce & gabbana

eric therner diamond light (with an earth sea warrior cord?)

native american

marc by marc jacobs

need supply co.

finger limes

sukan pillow

placemats from leif

rina ono egg cups

antique charm

antique brooch

scott mcbee painting