17 November, 2008

Welcome Home

This was the view of the Bay from the plane window as I flew in last night. It's good to be home.


Molly Beth said...

I am so sorry that I missed you. Someday I would love to go with you when you're in Adamstown. Which shops did you hit on Saturday since Reddinger's was closed?

deerseason87 said...

My personal favorite is the Pine Hills mall (they have the most kitchen items and glassware, it seems), but there are so many good ones! We got to about 6 this time, but I think you could probably check out a lot more if you had all day. You can see a listing of the major malls here: http://antiquescapital.com/antiques.asp, and there are more small shops as well. I think the best thing is to just drive along the strip and stop as much as you can!