25 November, 2008

Small Wonders

When I was a kid I was really into miniatures. I never really got into dolls, but I loved making little rooms and houses, and food... oh, the food! I spent hours and hours making tiny platters of cold cuts and layer cakes and mint juleps out of Sculpey. Anyways, for some reason one of the miniatures I had that I loved the most was this little plastic bookcase, from the '60's I think. I'm not sure where it came from but I guess that even at an early age I was attracted to its vintage charm. Here are some pieces from Ebay that would be perfect for a tiny retro abode.

Panton chairs!, TV, awesome deer head (!!!), complete bathroom set, Danish modern armchair, lamps (I like the pair with the tall shades), tulip table and chairs (!!!), side table with lamp, miscellaneous accessories (love the letter holder!), stereo, stove, sofa


jennwhisper said...

i want that side table with lamp! and the deer head is amazing!

freshpinkstyle said...

Weird! I've been building a model for a school project, so all I've been thinking about is mini things, small houses, little light fixtures and furniture! I was about to post a very dollhouse-y post tonight too! So, it's exciting to see yours! We'll see if I work up the energy to do one up later. I've got some good links, but I've also got lots of mini tiles to paint. I had a dollhouse too and I've been missing it lately.

Molly Beth said...

The yellow and white circular table with the four matching chairs? I totally had that for my Fisher-Price doll house. My mum got it from a yard sale from the neighbor up the road and I have no idea how old it was, but it was in fantastic condition when I got it! It also had lights with teeny tiny cords that plugged into the doll house wall - the doll house was wired to a batter pack and the lights actually worked!