10 November, 2008

May I Have this Sconce?

I've been redecorating my living room (pictures soon!) and I'm thinking about repacing the wall sconces that came with the house (brass, circa 1942). I'm having trouble finding anything that's not too glitzy or too frumpy, or too sleek. I think that something like this one, from Ebay, would be great. I love the teak/ chrome combo- it's stylish without being super-modern- and it would go perfectly with all my mid-century furniture. Sadly, there is only one sconce available! If only I were handier, I'd love to chop it up and make two sconces out of it. Does anyone know someone who could do this for me??

Here are a few other options I've found... any place else I should look?

Sources: Horchow, Ballard Designs, 2 Modern, Matter, Ebay

Also, These would be really, really cool if I lived in a loft and not a bungalow...


freshpinkstyle said...

Hey Hannah (got your link on the meat)!

Do you own your house and want to hardwire sconces in? Or do you want something that you can plug in and take away when you move? The link below are ones that are little expensive but they could travel.


and 1st Dibs is fun to look at-

and velocity- http://www.velocityartanddesign.com/sconces-c-351.html

and then there's a bunch of inexpensive and simple ones at west elm that you could hardwire...

Hope that maybe helps a little?

deerseason87 said...

I do own my house, and there are currently sconces hardwired in the living room, so I'd just be switching them out. I've looked on Velocity and 1st Dibs without much luck, but thanks for the ModHaus link! There are some decent options there.

Leah said...

You could try Hip Haven for retro-style sconces: http://www.hiphaven.com/Pages/L_Spun_Metal_Lighting.html

Also, the teak and chrome sconce at the top of your post reminds me a little bit of the Lenga sconces from JEFdesigns: http://www.jefdesigns.com/products.html