17 November, 2008

Holy Pilgrimage

This weekend I took a holy pilgrimage to my persona Mecca, Adamstown, Pennsylvania (aka, "Antiques Capital USA"). I am not even sure how to describe how much I love this town. My friend Shawn and I discovered it on a road trip years ago, and I will take just about any excuse to go there (in this case, my friend Piper's genetics conference in Philly). One day I hope to fulfill my dream of renting a truck, filling it up, and driving it home.

So why is Adamstown so amazing? Well, for starters, there are seven miles of antiques. Yes, SEVEN MILES. That's over 20 multi-dealer antique malls, chock full of just about everything you could possibly be looking for!!!! Let's say you see a juice glass with pink vines on it. Within a few hours, you can have a full set! Or perhaps you want to start a collection of antique glass ink bottles? If by a collection, you mean enough little blue bottles to fill an entire shelf, you are in luck! Even better, maybe because Adamstown is out in the country, or because of the insane concentration of antiques keeping things competetive, the prices are unbeatable. Remember those Lane side tables I was looking at a few months back (that run for about $100 a piece at Alameda Point)? I found a pair in Adamstown for only $60. Want to see more? Have a look:

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