02 November, 2008


If you've ever read "Life as I've Known It Has Been Finger Lickin' Good,"* the autobiography by Colonel Harland Sanders (speaking of which, who has my copy?), you will know that "Dadgummit" is the Colonel's favorite expression (and the first word in the book). If you haven't, I highly recommend it! The blurb on the back of the book sums it up quite well, although bear in mind that the biography itself is transcribed in the Colonel's dialect:

"Tire salesman, restauranteur, motel operator, aspiring lawyer, army mule-tender, insurance salesman, locomotive fireman, gas station operator, sixth-grade drop out, farmhand (at age 12), amateur obstetrician, railroad section hand, ferryboat entrepreneur, unsuccessful political candidate, Chamber of Commerce secretary...

"Then, at the age of 65, a new Interstate highway snatched the traffic away from his corner, and Colonel Sanders was left with nothing but a Social Security check and a secret recipe for fried chicken... That's all he needed."

In any case, here is a close up of my costume from the other night!

* The original title

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jennwhisper said...

"amateur obstetrician"

OMG!!!! also you look HOT